5 Questions With: Molly Neuman


“5 Questions With” is a series spotlighting some of Brooklyn’s most exciting and influential creatives. (You can explore our archive of picks here.)

Molly Neuman likes to get things started. As an original member of  riot grrrl bands like Bratmobile and The Frumpies, she reigns as one of the original ladies of that revolutionary musical movement — but changing the face of the industry has only been the beginning. Since her days behind those particular drumkits, she’s gone on to co-found the record label, Lookout! Records, and been named vice president of the American Association of Independent Music. Phew. That’s quite a record.

After the jump, Molly tells us more about her favorite records, places to eat, and some of her favorite up-and-coming bands.

Record listened most to in life? Probably Rites of Spring‘s self titled album. I’m from Washington D.C. and first heard “For Want Of” from this record on a tape someone made for my best friend and me. It was a love tape for her really but I kept it and studied it. I’m sure I still have it somewhere. When I finally bought the Rites of Spring album I studied it just like the tape and I still do.

Brooklyn-based band to look out for? My favorite Brooklyn based band is Two Tears, Kerry Davis’ one lady band. She probably doesn’t identify herself as from Brooklyn based though she lives here and isn’t very active right now but she’s brilliant and still makes songs that melt your heart. Kerry was the guitar player in the Red Aunts and is in the sometimes drum corps of The Kills.

Fave place to see a show? I have a 7 month old daughter so I haven’t been going out to shows much but the last one I saw was Jaaco Gardner at Death By Audio. (I know it’s embarrassing, it was a long time ago.)

Fave Brooklyn bar? I’m not much of a drinker so I only really like to have drinks at places with food. My favorite places are Mayfield, Barboncino, Chavelas and Cent’Anni which are all walking distance from my house. There’s a new bar nearby called Friends and Lovers I want to check out.

Go to drink? Club soda or fresh ginger ale. For a special treat I love a glass of Garnacha if I can find one.


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