The 5 Best Post-Show Eats, According to The Teen Age

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The Teen Age make great music that sounds like it’s been piped straight outta Dad’s garage and into the grimiest, mosh-pittiest, coolest late night music venue you’ve ever been into in your life. Which, as it turns out, is exactly why we love them. They make music that sounds familiar—steeped in the tradition of garage rock, reverb-soaked indie bands of yore—and that’s also why we, you know, trust them. It’s like they’re already family. And what are family for, except to tell you what to eat?

After the jump, the boys of the Teen Age—that’s Digo, Micah, Bill, and Nick—tell you where to eat and what to drink, whether you’re playing Baby’s All Right or Pianos. Keep your ears perked, audience members. These tips require no All Access pass, you can (and should) get in on ’em, too. And if you like what you read/eat, make sure to check ’em out live when they play Death By Audio on October 9th.

Baby's All Right_La Isla

If you’re playing: Baby’s All Right

Drink: Fernet and Coke

Eat: Empanadas and cuchifritos from La Isla Restaurant

The band says: “Crispy, fried, delicious. Always affordable, great drunk food. 5 minute walk from the venue.”


If you’re playing: Pianos/Cake Shop

Drink: PBR and a shot of tequila

Eat: 12 dumplings for $3.00 at Secret Dumpling location (it’s not Vanessa’s) on Eldridge St.

The band says: A massive meal for 3 bucks! These boiled pockets of meat are so good that we can’t disclose the name.

Shea Stadium_Chic Torta

If you’re playing: Shea Stadium

Best drink at venue: Coors and a whiskey shot

Best post show eats: Chicken torta from The Anchored Inn

The band says: “Not a lot of food options by Shea so this torta is an ideal solution. Plus you can see a metal show at The Acheron after you eat.”

Rough Trade_ Anna Maria

If you’re playing: Rough Trade NYC

Drink: Cider on draught

Eat: Cheese slice from Anna Maria

The band says: “Easily our favorite slice in North Williamsburg. Sometimes cheese and sauce is all you need.”

 BK Bowl_Fried Chicken

If you’re playing: Brooklyn Bowl

Drink: Brooklyn Lager on draught

Eat: Blue Ribbon fried chicken

The band says: “Brooklyn Bowl has great hospitality for bands. And their restaurant is really good. The fried chicken dinner is perfect post show comfort food.”



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