Hate Crimes Against Jews, Muslims Up In New York City


The NYPD released statistics Wednesday that revealed a total bummer of a trend: Hate crimes against Jews and Muslims have been on the rise this year. Just in time for the Jewish High Holidays! Argh.

The turning point in the increase in anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim crimes was July 1st which also happens to be the day that tensions in the Gaza Strip became a pressing international news story. Anti-Semitic crimes went from eight reported a month to 18 reported a month after that time, WYNC reports. There have been 17 reported crimes against Muslims, up from seven during the same time period last year.

“It is individual acts rather than any organized effort to go after the Jewish community or the Muslim community,” Police Commissioner William Bratton said in a statement. At least it’s disorganized crime?

NYPD is stepping up security thanks to the overlap of the Jewish holidays and the United Nations General Assembly meeting.


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