Whiskey and Beer Are The Best Kind of Drinking Buddies

Ask any bartender in Brooklyn and the unequivocal drink of the borough is the trusty, reliable shot and a beer combo. It’s usually Jameson in the shot glass, and a tall, frosty-necked Budweiser for the beer, and really, there’s nothing better. Beer and whiskey are two things that just go together so very well, so it’s not surprise that when KelSo brewer Kelly Taylor met the folks at Jameson, a beautiful thing was born. If you were at Northside Festival this year, you might have had the chance to sample the KelSo IPA, aged in Jameson barrels. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a little tipple of this, you’re probably wondering what magic went into making this hoppy, spicy brew. Check out an exclusive video of the making of this limited-edition beer and seek out some other barrel-aged IPAs on your own time, if you missed this round.


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