Street Legal: Five Brooklyn Style Stars in Their Natural Environment

Erica Lavelanet, The Fashion PhilosophyErica Lavelanet’s job is to make other people look as beautiful as they possibly can, while just happening to look the part herself. So it’s no surprise that the native New Yorker’s personal style blog, The Fashion Philosophy, which offers up outfit ideas and product features, has Erica donning the very outfits she’s shilling.

Place of Birth:
Queens, but raised on Long Island. Commack, to be exact.

Currently Resides:

Wardrobe stylist and personal style blogger at The Fashion Philosophy.

On what led her into a career in fashion:
I grew up in the suburbs, dreaming about having a life here in the city. When I had the chance to move here for college to study fashion, I jumped at it.

Favorite store:
I really love Stella Dallas, because I’m a sucker for vintage Harley Ts and beat-up denim shorts. For a vintage shop, it’s sui generis boutique vintage. Don’t even get me started on their home goods.

Favorite article of clothing:
I have a kimono that was a hand-me-down from my grandmother, Abba. Every time I wear it, I picture her wearing it at my age and think how effortlessly cool she was and still is. It really tells a story for me. I want to be that woman.

On what she’s most excited to wear this fall:
Leather pants and a few chunky sweaters from Dex.

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