Work On First Atlantic Yards Tower Stops Amid Dispute

Work On First Atlantic Yards Tower Stops Amid Dispute
The entire layout of Pacific Park (née Atlantic Yards). Image: Curbed NY

If there’s one thing the Atlantic Yards project hasn’t faced, it’s controversy, right? No, we kid. There’s always something going on over there. And now, even after the recent move to rebrand the project as “Pacific Park,” Atlantic Yards is mired in yet another fallout. This time? Work on the first of the 16 planned residential towers has suddenly stopped.

Via Brownstoner: Construction on the first building, known as B2, has been put on hold due to a financial dispute between developer Forest City Ratner and contractor Skanska. The finger pointing goes both ways: Atlantic Yards alleges that Skanska has gone way over budget through “faulty management” of the project. Skanska says the blueprints (from SHoP Architects) have inherent flaws. Just what we need: huge corporations fighting publicly.

Meanwhile, the 363 rental units at 461 Dean Street remain unbuilt, which means roughly 181 affordable units aren’t being constructed on a project that was meant to be completed by late 2013/early 2014. That due date’s since been moved to late 2015—or later if this conflict isn’t resolved soon.

Head to Atlantic Yards Reports to read statements from both companies.

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