Denny’s Trolls Manhattanites


The first Denny’s in New York City will open tomorrow morning in the Financial District, where it will offer a subprime mortgage lending credit default crisis remix of its classic Grand Slam: the Grand Cru Slam. It’s a regular Grand Slam served with a bottle of Dom Perignon and it costs $300. Or, about 30x the price of a Grand Slam everywhere else in America. LOL.

Maybe this is just an elaborate joke, and the first Gordon Geckoite to order one will get slimed or indicted or something equally hilarious, in which case Denny’s will have fulfilled the destiny of Occupy Wall Street. Maybe they’re serious, and just figure the Dom is worth the Benjamins. “It’s not an astronomical price for Dom Perignon,” Mike Capoferri, the bartender hired to make a craft cocktail for Manhattan’s Denny’s, told the Daily News. Not astronomical for whom?

“We’ll have something for everybody,” Capoferri added, “including Prosecco on tap, Bloody Marys, and comfort food.” So.

But so who cares. FiDi shills will have one more overpriced meal option in lower Manhattan. All I’m saying is if you’re spending $300 at Denny’s, you’d better be buying a round of Grand Slams for everyone in there.

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