Parachuting Grilled Cheeses Coming to Greenpoint (But Why?)

Open Your Mouth, Grilled Cheese Might Fall Into It
It’s a bird! Nope, it’s a parachuting grilled cheese!

In case you thought the most so-stupid-it-just-might-work idea for a business was Push for Pizza, you would be… right, actually. But Jafflechute, the world’s first “float-down eatery” coming to Greenpoint next month, takes a close second. What is a jafflechute, you ask? Oh, nothing, just this thing where grilled cheeses drop down from the sky on parachutes. That thing.

The Australian company, Jafflechute (apparently, Aussies call grilled cheese “jaffles” for some reason; the “chute” suffix is obvious), is arriving at Greenpoint’s The Diamond bar some time in September, Brokelyn reports. More specifically, on the rooftop of The Diamond, from which they will expel said chutes.

However, the operation isn’t some guerilla war zone of falling grilled cheese. You have to actually order (and pay) for a jafflechute in advance, and only through PayPal. Then, on the day of the cheese attacks┬ádrop, you show up to The Diamond, and wait (while staring upwards and opening your mouth as wide as possible and freaking out a lot of confused passersby, we presume?) for the grilled cheese to fall snugly into your mouth.

Because this is getting weird and we are still kind of confused, it’s probably best if you just watch Jafflechute in action here:

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