BAM 24-Hour Movie Marathon (Temporarily?) Cancelled


Last week, the Brooklyn Academy of Music released the lineup for their 24-hour fundraiser movie marathon. We were excited: there are few things better than binge-watching classic movies, presumably especially in the company of anyone fanatic enough to attend a 24-hour marathon, with snacks. But this afternoon brings word that BAM, citing “logistical complications,” has postponed the event indefinitely.

The marathon was scheduled to be held next Friday and Saturday, with proceeds benefit BAM’s bevy of arts and education programs. In retrospect, BAM’s decision to waive the $250 fundraising requirement now looks like a last-ditch attempt to avoid this very outcome. It can’t be cheap, either, to host a day-long movie marathon which includes multiple meals, snacks, and various other perks for the best fundraisers. A BAM publicist confirms that “as the planning stages progressed we ran into some issues connected to the length of the event and concerns about the initial fundraising minimum required to participate. Taking this all into account we felt it was best to postpone and come back with a revamped event.”

It seems reasonable to extrapolate that the requirement was depressing attendance: as of this writing, only 33 people on the marathon’s Crowdrise page had met the goal. Collectively, however, patrons had raised $25,000, all of which will be refunded. According to a press release, BAM is planning to restructure the fundraiser, although what form it will take and when it may happen is to be determined.



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