Former 3rd Ward Member Seeking Fellow Members Who Lost Money

Former 3rd Ward Member Seeking Members Who Lost Money

It’s been nearly a year since DIY and arts education space 3rd Ward very suddenly closed its doors, revealing, as Hyperallergic put it, ” the incompetence with which the company was managed and its frighteningly anemic cash flows.” Ouch. Since then, a Manhattan-born startup called Livestream has taken over the 30,000-square-foot space while former 3rd Ward-ians are still left wondering about what really happened last fall. Now, a former member is seeking the answers to that question.

Former 3rd Ward teacher Robin Grearson is seeking former members willing to share estimates of just how much money they lost when the business closed last year, reports Bedford + Bowery. The first day Grearson reached out to former members, she came across $10,000 worth of claims. She estimates that amount may reach $50,000 before it’s all said and done.

So, if you’re a former member and believe you lost a significant amount of money or valuable items when 3rd Ward closed, you’re encouraged to contact Grearson at with the following information:

How much does 3rd Ward owe you? You, your friends, your teachers, the co-working businesses, studio tenants, vendors, 3W Philly members?

Did your invoices get paid? Did you try to file a claim or collect? Were your memberships or class fees refunded? Did anyone respond to calls or emails? Where are you working or teaching now, have you moved? What have you been up to since 3rd Ward closed?

No names or individual amounts will be mentioned in the story Grearson hopes to write on this issue. Meanwhile, we can’t help but notice how vaguely reBar-ian this whole situation is. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how everything pans out.

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