New Cab Sharing App Comes To Brooklyn

New Cab Sharing App Comes To Brooklyn
Image: Walks of New York

It’s getting pretty hard to keep all these ride-sharing apps straight. Uber sends cabs to pick you up. Lyft sends people with their own cars to pick you up. And now, there’s Cab With Me, which connects people who need cabs with, well, other people who need cabs.

Cab With Me debuted a month early to meet the recent demands of transit-challenged Greenpointers, who are stranded way up in North Brooklyn without a G train through early September. (Speaking of, congrats, you guys made it through Week 1!) Anyway, here’s how the app works (via¬†DNAinfo):

Using GPS, the app almost immediately connects people in the same area with other folks going to the same destination. Those who have been paired can then message each other, pick a meeting place and take their cab together. Once the ride is over, riders split the cost.

Cab With Me officially launched yesterday, so feel free to download the no-cost app for iPhones or Androids here.

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