Dog Tossed From BQE Reunited With Owner

Image: NY Post

This week was marred by the news that a young, male pitbull had been tossed from the BQE onto Meeker Avenue in Greenpoint. Luckily, the pup, renamed Meeker, was taken in by an animal hospital in Cobble Hill and is expected to make a full recovery. What’s more, he has a home waiting for him!

 The timeline goes like this: Meeker, whose real name is Wookie, got off leash and made a run for it on Tuesday. At 6:30 pm that night, some terrible person tossed him (or he may have jumped off the BQE, though we doubt it), landing on Meeker Avenue where a handful of good Samaritans made sure he got the help he needed, according to the Post,. Meanwhile, Wookie’s owner, Oliver Rivera, had been calling around to shelters looking for his pup only to find that he’d been injured. At 2am on Thursday he contacted the animal hospital and dog was reunited owner yesterday.

So, it looks like not only will Wookie/Meeker be a-okay, but he’ll be going home with someone who genuinely loves him and missed him. A happy ending if ever there was one.

Meanwhile, if have any information about who might have thrown the poor pitbull of the Expressway, please call 1-800-577-TIPS.

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  1. Seems like a logical assumption that the dog wandered onto the highway, got incredibly spooked by the cars whizzing by at 70 mph and scrambled to get away by jumping over the first wall he saw. Which was the edge of the BQE. Can we just do that? Can we assume just this once that people aren’t the worst? It may not be true but this is the perfect opportunity to suspend our disbelief. This cute little pup got scared and injured himself and now he’s ok and everything’s great and what a miracle. Cool.


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