What Would Tinder Look Like If It Were Live?

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.56.59 PM

Every time we want to feel like a completely out-of-touch old person, we mention to someone under the age of 30 that we have never participated in the vast wasteland world that is online dating and don’t even know how Tinder works. With the looks we receive, you’d swear we talked about only using a rotary phone or something. 

But, despite not being in the know about OkCupid or Tinder or even Snapchat (we’re not that old, just, like, really, really boring), we’re still excited for this show, hosted by Lane Moore (The Onion) tonight at The Pit. Moore’s guests include Josh Gondelman and Lux Alptraum, and it pretty much promises to be a fun time devoted to what has to surely be the most shallow effective way of finding true love: by judging a person solely based on looks.

And, actually, there we go again, revealing our dinosaur qualities. Nobody uses Tinder to find love! Nobody wants love anyway, do they? It’s about the experience. The experience of, well, fucking. So! Go check out Tinder Live and laugh and get experienced and maybe even, possibly find someone to love fuck. Have fun!

Tinder Live: 9:30, July 31 The Pit 123 E. 24th Street
Tickets here.


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