Neonsensical in Williamsburg: Neon Is the Latest Trend In Brooklyn Apartments

Williamsburg’s hottest nightclub is an apartment building. Alright fine, it’s not going to have a DJ or a bar, or actually be a nightclub, but the newly designed building at 49 Montrose Avenue will have neon light accents and roof access. So, close enough, right?

Twenty units, ranging from $2750/month one-and-a-half-bedrooms to $3295/month two-bedrooms, went on the market earlier this month. According to Brownstoner, renters have a choice of blue or red accent lights for the kitchen and blue or green for the bathroom. Or, of course, neither if they have no sense of fun.

Though once installed, you can’t turn off the cherry red countertops or the dotted backsplash in the kitchen, there’s no need to forsake practicality altogether. Each unit has central A/C, a dishwasher, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a balcony while the building has a laundry room, and a gym. Now that we think about it, an apartment here is the perfect place for that homebody always trying to prove having fun at home is totally possible.

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