Giant Treehouse-Like Cube Rises In Greenwood Heights

Photo via Eric Safyan

Do you have enough money to buy a newly constructed, über-modern condo but also kinda wish you lived in a giant treehouse next to Green-Wood Cemetery? Good news! Someone is building that for you, right now.

Located at 5th Ave at 30th St in the tiny enclave between South Slope and Sunset Park, this treehouse (tree-cage? tree-cube?), named “Greenwood Modern” by architect Eric Safyan is part of a larger construction of yes, another luxury residential building in Brooklyn. When it’s done, it’ll have “a row of windows on the ground floor, the indented cube on the second floor, and what looks like an angled glass canopy over the front door,” according to Brownstoner.

This giant wooden box is just one of a flurry of truly strange additions to Brooklyn properties, including that space hotel in Williamsburg, the Miami bachelor pad in Manhattan Beach, those churches that keep magically transforming into condos, the condo on top of Junior’s and the sounding death knell of South Williamsburg’s last shred of affordability.

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