Kimchi Grill Now Open In Carroll Gardens

Photo: Korean Resource Center

There’s something magical about food trucks transforming into full-blown restaurants. It’s vaguely Cinderella-esque, right? Well, if you believe in that kind of magic and happen to live in or near Carroll Gardens then you’re in luck, because Kimchi Taco is going brick-and-mortar in your neighborhood.

Today marks the official opening of the second Kimchi Grill from Phillip Lee of Kimchi Taco truck fame, reports DNAinfoand Lee has chosen Carroll Gardens for the follow-up to the shop’s inaugural Prospect Heights location.

Those of you who have checked out Kimchi Grill Prospect Heights will recall that it’s pretty small, but not so with the Carroll Gardens location. Out of a desire to cater to the family-friendly neighborhood, this new Kimchi Grill is slightly bigger, boasting 19 seats and a much larger kitchen.

Those seats will soon be filled with visitors ready to chow down on brunch (Korean breakfast burritos, anyone?), favorites from the eponymous taco truck and more than 200 varieties of kimchi, all for takeout or delivery to the comfort of your apartment. In the next few weeks, Kimchi Grill will also get its liquor license, allowing Lee to serve beer and cocktails.

478 Smith Street, Carroll Gardens

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