Sponsored: Ciao Bella’s “Gelato Taxi” Keeps Summer Sweet

As a tried and true New Yorker, you know that although hailing a cab isn’t as difficult as out-of-towners think, it’s not anyone’s favorite activity. That may have changed for a few lucky people last week, when a Ciao Bella taxi scooped them up for a free ride and a sample of delicious gelato or sorbetto! Check out their reactions after the jump.

We’ve never seen quite so many smiling faces caused by a cab ride. Of course, a free lift will do that to a person – not to mention the comfortable décor and goodies provided by Ciao Bella’s joy-spreading pop-up team. And if you missed the taxi, you can still enjoy a sweet treat with this $1 off coupon!

No doubt about it, Ciao Bella has been keeping the summer sweet with their #GetScooped surprises; we can’t wait to see where they pop up next!


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