Brooklyn Over-40s Can’t Get Online Dates, Blame Hipsters

Ugh, is it really worth moving to Manhattan, though?

A study conducted by the dating site showed that Brooklyn is the worst borough for online daters over 40. Who’s responsible for this cruel fate? Why, the hipsters, of course!

According to the New York Post, (an acronym for “Are You Interested”) tracked 6.2 million online dating interactions, and found that Brooklyn Olds (those over 40), were contacted by people who viewed their profile just 7.3% of the time. This, compared to the Bronx’s contact rate of 7.7%, Staten Island’s 8.1%, and Queens’s 8.4%. Olds in Manhattan, however, had a relatively garish success rate of 8.9%, to which we will attribute the exorbitant lack of single people under 40 who can afford to live in Manhattan and aren’t total dickwads.

But no, instead, AYI spokeswoman Joanna Barber decided to blame over-40 Brooklynites’ bad luck on sexy hipster babies. “We’re clearly obsessed with the young and beautiful in NYC, but maybe it’s really the ultra-hipster, youth-oriented culture in Brooklyn that’s to blame.” Hm, maybe remove “youth-oriented culture” and replace it with “still somewhat affordable housing options, not to mention the diversity, walkability, opportunity and culture that would make anyone want to move here”? No? Okay, let’s just stick with “ultra-hipster.”

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  1. Bah. I’m 50, my girlfriend is 63, we met 6 years ago online, and we still have wild screaming sex at every available opportunity. (Who the hell lumps all over 40s as old, anyway?) We’re just looking for a way to get a house account at Babeland.


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