Kings County Bar Will Host A Funeral Procession Tomorrow

Kings County Bar Will Host A Funeral Procession Tomorrow
Image: Bushwick Daily

Kings County Bar has long been a fan of the dramatic. It’s a place most famous for hosting a pageant dedicated to dramatically small penises. So it’s not surprising they’re leaving their old haunt with a band. the owner is taking the loss of their current location pretty hard and will have a funeral procession tomorrow honoring the late dive bar.

One month ago today, we learned that Kings County would be leaving their current location at 286 Seigel Street, following an exorbitant rent hike from their landlord. Luckily, bar owner Jesse Levitt has a bit of pull in the area and owns 1 Knickerbocker. He’s replaced the short-lived restaurant that occupied the space with a new iteration of the bar called Kings County Saloon. The new space will be much bigger, much nicer and decidedly less divey.

Tomorrow at 9pm, Kings County fans are invited to meet at the Siegel Street location for a New Orleans-style funeral procession (that means lots of music and drinking), which will trace its way toward 1 Knickerbocker. Then, next Friday, July 18, Kings County Saloon will officially open to the public.

So, really, this story has a happy ending. But still, R.I.P. Kings County: A True Dive Bar.

And on an important side note: If you’re not into sad affairs and would rather spend the day celebrating, the 8th Annual #BushwickPride Parade will kick off tomorrow at 301 Grove Street between Knickerbocker and Myrtle Avenues starting at 12 pm. This year, the parade is celebrating Trans Women of Color. Learn more here.

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