A Summer Version of the Polar Vortex Is Hitting New York Next Week

A Summer Version of the Polar Vortex Is Hitting New York Next Week

Remember way back in April when some people who are maybe not so used to summer in New York City everybody was freaking out over how “oppressively hot” and muggy this summer was supposed to be all because the Farmer’s Almanac predicted it? Yeah, well. That was then and this is now and now? It seems like a polar vortex is on its way to New York City next week.

Via Gothamist, “an unseasonable blast of cold air reminiscent of last winter’s infamous Polar Vortex is headed our way next week.” That’s right, call it a “polar vortex knock-off” or a “poor man’s polar vortex” or a “sign of the impending apocalypse” or even, as the National Weather Service suggests, not a polar vortex, because to do so would be “insane,” but whatever it is, it’s coming to New York City and promises to bring  cold air all the way from the Gulf of Alaska (brrr!) by the middle of next week.

All of which is to say, the Farmer’s Almanac batting average of predicting weather far in advance is, well, safe for now at virtually zero. Sure, that could all change. It’s just July and we’ve got all of August for it to get really hot and steamy. But even then, just to remind you all, it’s summer. Things get hot in the summer! And sometimes they don’t! It’s weather. It’s unpredictable in the long-term! So, you know, just enjoy today, which is about as glorious as summer in New York City gets. Hopefully, it’ll last. But if it doesn’t? We’ll still be ok. We really will.

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