You Need To Go To Shake Shack For Lunch Today: 4th of July Corn Dogs and a Blueberry Pie Shake

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God bless this sweet, sweet country.

Sure, you don’t need another reason to go Shake Shack for lunch today. But  all we’re going to say is that today through Sunday, if you do choose to go to Shake Shack, there’ll be Fourth of July corn dogs, the new collaborative IPA with Brooklyn Brewery, and a vanilla milkshake that is blended with an entire slice of homemade blueberry pie. That’s all.

In honor of our glorious country’s birthday, all outposts of the too-good-to-be-called-fast-food chain will offer two specials for this weekend only, plus the Shack X IPA, a collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery which debuted in June to celebrate Shake Shack’s tenth anniversary. First up, there’s the Vienna all-beef dog cooked in homemade corn batter and topped with Rick’s Picks sweet corn relish. We are going to make an educated guess here and suggest that even if you haven’t laid eyes on a corn dog in a decade, it’s going to taste like home.

And for dessert, perchance you’re interested in the “Blueberry Pie Oh My” concrete, a milkshake that combines vanilla frozen custard with a slice of homemade blueberry pie. Or are you not a citizen of the U.S. of Freakin’ A? That’s what we thought. God bless ‘Murica.

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