The App That Tells You What’s Happening Near You Right Now


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People all over London, Tel Aviv, and New York are using the free app Wingit (on iPhone now and available on Android at the end of the summer) to discover and share all the events happening around them. Wingit continuously scans social media, looking for cultural and entertainment-related events and pushing them to the user based on his time and location.

Wingit founder Alban Sayag was just hanging out with his friends when the brainstorm hit him. “I thought, it would be great to know what cool stuff was happening around us, right now,” explained the 32 year-old entrepreneur. “I had Foursquare on my phone but it didn’t tell me what was actually happening at each venue.”

So what makes Wingit different from finding events on other social media sites?

Facebook says: “Are you coming to your cousin’s daughter’s kindergarten graduation in New Mexico in three weeks? (Also, take a test to see which Smurf you are)”

Wingit says: “There’s a DJ set happening in an hour at a bar three blocks from your apartment. Come join me!”

Foursquare says: “This restaurant was great. You should check it out sometime.”

Wingit says: “This restaurant is having a lobster boil tonight. Let’s go… who’s in?”

Twitter says: “Here’s what 300 people are thinking right now. And right now. And right now.”

Wingit says: “Of all the people posting on Twitter, here’s who’s doing something fun in your area right now.”

Wingit is the only app that compiles the best event-related posts from each of the sites and gives you what you really need to know: What are we going to do now?