The Most Beautiful Bikes in Brooklyn

The Most Beautiful Bikes in Brooklyn

It was over a year ago that we first spoke to Thomas Callahan of Horse Cycles and visited his Williamsburg workshop. There are a lot of bikes in Brooklyn—as well as a lot of craftsman making beautiful, functional things in general—but Callahan stands out for not only his dedication to his craft, but also because of the exceptional product he creates. Which is why we’re not afraid to say that Callahan makes the most beautiful bikes in Brooklyn. And to prove that we’re not just trafficking in hyperbole? (Which, admittedly, is the curse of just about every writer in, basically, history.) We’ve got a preview of Callahan’s 2014 Urban Tour/Urban Assault cycles, which pretty much took our cycle-loving breath away.

As seen above, the 2014 Urban Tour cycle is elegant in its simplicity—an elegance that belies the strength of the frame. Callahan’s extensive history making bespoke bikes is clear in the upgraded 2014 Urban Tour frame, which has improved upon last year’s inaugural model due to the addition of an “oversized head tube [which] makes the front end stiffer and more durable, additional mounting options include an extra set of water bottle bosses, and a chain stay bridge has been added for easier fender installation.” There is also an option for an ENVE Carbon Cyclocross fork, which allows for a lighter ride, whether in the street or off-road. Plus, besides the evident beauty and functionality of these bikes, buying from Callahan is a method of supporting a local business and the Brooklyn craftsman community at large.

Because as Callahan points out, “We aren’t expecting to compete with low cost foreign manufacturers. But we can produce extremely high quality bikes at a price that gives more customers a way to support local manufacturing.”

The most beautiful bikes in Brooklyn

For more information on Horse Cycles and the 2014 Urban Tour Bicycle, visit where there’s a pre-order sale going on now.

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    In no uncertain terms, they will tell you that
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