The New York Times Names Ridgewood “Quooklyn”

We’ll admit it. We have perpetuated the nickname-ification of certain parts of Brooklyn, the most recent example being Do Bro, a new name for Downtown Brooklyn. But, still, we know where to draw the line. The Times does not. In yet another case of its attempts to relate to Brooklyn, Times writer Ligaya Mishan has bestowed a nickname upon the Ridgewood/Bushwick area: Quooklyn.

Brokelyn first came across the moniker yesterday afternoon in Mishan’s review of Houdini Kitchen Laboratory off the Halsey L. Here’s an excerpt from her borderline pearl-clutching article:

To the trophy-hunting diner, the more difficult a restaurant is to find, the more alluring it is. Consider, then, the checklist for Houdini Kitchen Laboratory: No sign… On a bleak block of industrial buildings with graffiti palimpsests and rusted drips from what pass for windows. Of course, there are now artist studios upstairs, and a free tattoo party may be in swing down the street. But to a first-time visitor, clutching a MetroCard, the scene is desolate. You are 10 stops out of Manhattan on the L line, in the borderland where Bushwick, Brooklyn, blurs into Ridgewood, Queens. (Welcome to Quooklyn.)

That’s right: “Quooklyn.” This is the end.

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    • They should actually rename Brooklyn “Mid-Westlyn” as most everyone you meet there seems to be from the Mid-West nowadays. I hope the hipsters stay in Mid-Westlyn, for Queens’ sake.


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