What Not To Forget For Northside Festival

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In a mass effort to Save Music Fans Everywhere from realizing they forgot [pick one: water, gum, sunscreen] just as their favorite band is about to hit the stage, we’ve compiled a quick checklist of all the must-bring items for Northside Festival this year.

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It’s about to be the cloudiest week of the year, but that doesn’t mean the UVs won’t get through, especially after you spend all day lounging in McCarren Park. Slather up early and often. The only thing worse than taking a regular sunscreen bath is a sunglass tan line and a bad case of sun poisoning.

Speaking of, the shades are essential. Not just to protect your peepers from the glare, but for dignity’s sake. We know there’s more than one late night out at Northside Festival, and even a cheap pair of knock-off Ray Bans can go a long way as well as help you feel (and look) a whole lot better.

There has never been a time when having cash on hand hasn’t been a good thing, especially in a situation where it may be utter mayhem. Spend less time in line for the ATM — ditch the fees! — and enjoy that prime front-row view of some great bands.

Ear plugs
The much maligned, but ever crucial ear plug. You may not look “cool,” but if you want to hear what your friends have to say during the post-encore round of drinks later in the night, you’ll want to protect your delicate ‘drums during the daytime shows. Plug up and save yourself.

Drop a bottle in your backpack and never have to worry about losing your place at the front of the house to scramble for some agua when you suddenly realize you’re two seconds away from a dehydrated-pass-out public spectacle.

Backpack (Double straps)
You can schlep your merch home, hands free, and not even have to think twice. Plus, a backpack is the perfect depository for all the other things you’ll need to bring with you. Bonus points for stocking some reading material, an essential for waiting out long lines and sound checks.

Toilet Tissue
Because you never know how bad you need it until you really need it.

L Magazine’s Don’t Miss List
You know, to help you prioritize.


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