Every Day Is, Like, Sundae!


Far be it from us to look down our noses at the sheer perfection that is a cherry dip cone from a gas-guzzling, noise-polluting Mr. Softee truck, but sometimes you crave something more—namely, top-notch ingredients, inventive combinations, and, well, a place to sit down. These are the five best ice cream sundaes in Brooklyn. For you, for the kids, for whomever. It’s summer. Enjoy.

Banana Split at Anopoli
Nothing wrong with the classics, you know? This spot has been serving up ice cream sundaes for more than a hundred years, so you know they’re doing something right. Consider splitting this one with someone for full Normal Rockwell effect.
6920 Third Avenue, Bay Ridge
Crossing Brooklyn Ferry at Ample Hills
Sure, you could build your own sundae here, but Ample Hills has already made all the tough decisions for you. All that’s left for you (and, we guess, your kids) to do is enjoy this masterful concoction that includes buttery pound cake, maple walnuts and whipped cream. And, of course, one perfect maraschino cherry on top. Dig in.
623 Vanderbilt Avenue, Prospect Heights

Doug’s Pecan Pie Sundae at Buttermilk Channel
This combo of Van Leeuwen’s vanilla ice cream and gooey pecan pie filling is rich, sticky and sweet in the most delightful way—by which we mean there’s a hint of bourbon, so you want to make sure not to let your kids eat too much. Oh, well. More for you!
524 Court Street, Carroll Gardens

Cookie Monster at Brooklyn Farmacy
Anything named after a Sesame Street character is automatically going to be a great choice for kids, but considering how this one features mint chocolate chip ice cream, Farmacy’s own chocolate chip cookie crumbles, fresh whipped cream and blue sprinkles? This might just be the greatest choice of all time.
513 Henry Street, Carroll Gardens

Cornbread Sundae at OddFellows Ice Cream Co.
This sundae screams summer, laden as it is with sweet blueberry compote and freshly whipped cream. But then it starts screaming something else entirely, something about cornbread-flavored ice cream and maple syrup. And the whipped cream? It’s bacon-flavored. It’s whipped cream… that tastes like bacon. Go ahead, do it.
175 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg

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