Brooklyn Borough Hall Clock No Longer Stuck At 2:41


The most important clock in Brooklyn is no longer stuck at the worst time of the day. The Daily News reports that as of May 21, the Brooklyn Borough Hall clock is working again, and Brooklynites no longer have to feel as though they are slowly recovering from a terrible bout of post-lunch slump.

The 1898 clock had been reading 2:41 since November (which is also the month the clock tower in Back to the Future stopped working because of a lightning strike; coincidence? we think not!*) due to mechanical issues, but the Department of Citywide Administrative Services apparently changed its internal mechanism to a digital system, which cost about $8,000.

The most interesting thing about this story, however, is that it took New York media a full two weeks to notice that the enormous clock in a highly trafficked neighborhood was functional again. Sign of the times.

*we think so

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