Dueling Firework Displays Will Make 2014 the Most American 4th Of July Ever


How much do you love America? One firework display much? Get your Canadian hands off my Freedom Fries. This year, New Yorkers (and, okay fine, New Jerseyans) will be treated to not one, not even two, but three firework displays on the Fourth of July on Coney Island, over the East River and now, over the Hudson-adjacent Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

When we reported on the wonderful news that de Blasio was moving the annual Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks back to their East River home (where they belong) after five years of taking place over the Hudson, we assumed that’d be the best firework-related news for a while. But as it turns out, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop was upset enough about Jersey’s snub that the city will now hold its own celebration at Liberty State Park, according to the Times, which will be sponsored by Budweiser and boast views of the Statue of Liberty.

Mayor Fulop made it clear that “We’re not in the business of competing with New York City directly… But the window of opportunity opened.” Whatever you say, Fulop.

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