Watch 50 Cent Throw World’s Worst First Pitch At Last Night’s Mets Game

Watch 50 Cent Throw World's Worst First Pitch At Last Night's Mets Game
At least he was totally adorable about it.

50 Cent is many things: nine-time gunshot survivor, 38-year-old rapping millionaire, proud father. But thank goodness 50 Cent isn’t a particularly gifted baseball player, because then we would never be given this glorious gift: The gift of watching rapper 50 Cent throw the world’s worst, most wonderfully awful first pitch in Mets history.

The big moment occurs at :08, but the real treasure is 50’s immediate reaction. He simply stands there with his arms by his sides, bewildered for a few moments, and then laughs.

50 Cent: Probably the world’s worst baseball player, but certainly the world’s best sport.

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