Bon Appetit To Host A Greenpoint “Grub Crawl”

<em>Bon Appetit</em> To Host A Greenpoint "Grub Crawl"
Glasserie will be a stop on the grub crawl. Image: Free Williamsburg

The theory goes that if Bon Appétit is paying attention to you, then you’re super-relevant. That still holds water, right?

If so, Greenpoint just took yet another major step into the spotlight. Brooklyn’s northernmost neighborhood has been tapped for a fancy food crawl hosted Conde Nast’s fancy food publication.

According to Free Williamsburg, the Grub Crawl is scheduled to take place on June 21 and will lead a gaggle of–we’re guessing mostly Manhattanites?–on an hours-long tour through Greenpoint, stopping at a handful of eateries along the way.

The first stop will be Diamond Bar on Franklin Street where crawlers can “show off [their] shuffleboard skills while sipping craft ales.” Next, the group will mosey on over to Commercial Street’s Glasserie for “sophisticated fare and riverside breezes ” before moving on to Coco, Alameda and ending things at the conveniently-located Manhattan Inn, which sits outside the Nassau Avenue G.

Tickets are going for $149 and if we’re being serious (if only for a fleeting moment), the crawl sounds like a genuinely nice way to while away the summer solstice. For more details, visit the Grub Crawl site online.

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