New York Is The Second Most Stressed Out City In AmericAAARRGHHHH

New York Is The Second Most Stressed Out City In America ARRGHHHH
Pretty much. (Photo via

According to a new study, New York ranks number two on a ranking of the most stressed out cities in Amer—AGHHH!!HGJKKFDH#$#%$GFH!!!1!! Sorry, excuse us. New York is the second most stressed-out city in America, and we’re choosing to handle that information like calm, collected adults.

News comes via the real estate blog Movoto, who measured each city’s stress levels by taking into account commute time, unemployment rates, cost of living, crime, hours worked, population density and the average percentage of income spent on rent. (Guess which three of those criteria New York came in first? Duh: population density, astronomical rents and our million-year-long average commute.)

But take a moment to remove your claws from your scalp and be grateful for the fact that you don’t live in our nation’s capital, which took the top spot, due to its relatively “meh” levels in all of the above factors (see the full list here).

Are you currently stressed out about living in New York City? How ’bout reading a really adorable list of things New Yorkers loved in 1976? Or a parody of the MTA? That’s fun!

No? Fine. The F train is ruining your life again. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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