New Citi Bike Station In Clinton Hill While Rest Of Brooklyn Remains Underserved

New Citi Bike Station In Clinton Hill, Rest Of Brooklyn Remains Underserved

Just last week, we came across the news that Citi Bike could very well live to see another year if (1) membership prices increased and (2) a new investor decided to fund the operation. But, of course, there was one hitch: The city refused to let Alta Bike Share, the company behind Citi Bike, increase membership prices unless they expanded the programs coverage by 3,800 bikes.

Well, Alta was listening and now,¬†Brownstoner¬†is reporting that they’ve added a new station in Clinton Hill.

Update: Apparently, it was just a new bike corral, but our point about Brooklyn being underserved still stands.

The new Citi Bike rack is located on Fulton Street between St. James and Cambridge Places and will be one of roughly 70 stations in Brooklyn and one of nearly a dozen in Clinton Hill.

Now, if only they’d expand to the just as feasible neighborhoods of Bed-Stuy, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Crown Heights, East Williamsburg, Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill and other underserved parts of Brooklyn.


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  1. You can’t just start plopping them down anywhere when the entire point is for the average non-biker to get from point A-B in 30mins. Now one can argue how and why certain neighborhoods were chosen as the initial roll out areas and why they seem to be every other block in those initital areas (like where I live in Clinton Hill). If Citibike’s pitch is they are meant for commuting, I don’t think they really researched how people commute in Brooklyn and how bikes fit in with that. If they had been really paying attention to the needs of Brooklyn people, they would have ran Citibike stations inline with the path of the G train and then key points of each neighborhood. New Yorker’s don’t jump on a bike to get from one point in their neighborhood to another, that’s for walking. People use a bikes to get from one neighborhood to another or to areas where you don’t want to have to wait for the G train, or change trains.

  2. They move stations all the time. This is NOT a moved station. This has been relocated from another spot, probably because of a construction project which then necessitates a station move. Do reporters do ANY research anymore?


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