Fort Tilden Has “Quietly Reopened”

Fort Tilden Has "Quietly Reopened"
Photo: Flickr user Olaf

Earlier this year, we expressed our fears that Fort Tilden, the National Parks Service-controlled beach near Breezy Point, Queens, wouldn’t open in time for the 2014 beach season. Then, in March, we heard through the grapevine that the Sandy-ravaged beach would definitely be open this summer.

Now, Bedford + Bowery is reporting that that the little beach that could has been very quietly re-opened in the last week and we no longer have to worry about cutting up our not-so-delicate, street-worn feet.

Refer all thank you notes to PARS Environmental, the company that quickly tackled the cleanup after months and months of haggling between the National Parks Service and various contractors. PARS removed all the debris from the beach, covered its exposed bulkheads and though the beach’s sand is still worse for the wear, it can handle a few hundred intrepid beachgoers.

Those looking to reach the beach can take a Q train to Avenue J or a 2/5 train to Flatbush Ave.-Brooklyn College and then catch a Q54 bus directly to the beach from there.

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  1. The Q train to Avenue J is a very long walk to the Q35 (not Q45, which used to go to LaGuardia Airport but no longer exists) bus at the Junction (Nostrand/Flatbush). If you are going to take the Q, get off at Avenue H, which is closer, but it’s still a long walk.

    The best way to go with the Q is to get off at Kings Highway (in which case, if you’re coming from Park Slope or north of there, you should take the express B train to avoid the 6 local stops and save time) and take the B2 bus (outside the el station on East 16th Street and Quentin Road) to the last stop at Kings Plaza, at Flatbush and Avenue U. Cross the street and get the Q35 bus and it will make only a couple of stops before going across the bridge and get off at the first stop in Rockaway on Beach 169th Street. The Q35 does not go into Fort Tilden. It’s to your right (west), as is the Breezy Point community, when you get off the bus.

    If you’re coming to Fort Tilden from Queens or an A-train-friendly part of Manhattan, the A train can take you to Broad Channel and change for the Rockaway Park shuttle to the last stop, Beach 116th Street. When you get out of the station, turn left and get the Q22 bus going west (not toward Far Rockaway but to Breezy Point). The last stop is the same Beach 169th Street stop of the Q35, above, and then walk west (you can go along the beach if you want).

    A bus alternative that can be good from Jackson Heights or Woodside or other parts of Queens is the expresslike Q53, which goes to the Beach 116th Street terminal of the subway, above; you can then transfer to the Q22 (or you can get off earlier and transfer in the Beach 90s if you want to go to Rockaway Taco or other places along Rockaway Beach Boulevard).

    Or you can take a bike.


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