Start Your Spring Garden with Help from Colonie

Seeds at Colonie

Brooklyn Heights favorite, Colonie, has always put its money where its mouth is when it comes to sourcing local and sustainable produce, and now you can too. Once you’re done enjoying one of the restaurant’s reliably organic, biodynamic and non-GMO dinners (think sweet pea and wild onion crostini, roasted parsnips will nettle pesto and green almonds, and market fish with crispy garlic and lemon), you’ll receive a tiny packet from SeedTabs along with your check, containing kale, sweet basil, cilantro or wild flowers. Especially designed to thrive in cramped, urban areas, each compostable envelope boasts enough seeds cover a square meter of green space (yeah, right), or fill ten individual pots (old coffee cups work too!), which can be propped against dingy, casement windows or grouped atop fire escapes. Who knows, eventually, you just might be able to recreate Colonie’s salad of baby lettuces with buttermilk and herb dressing at home.

127 Atlantic Ave., (718) 855-7500


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