Toronto Mayor Rob Ford And Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams Make Lamest Bet On NBA Playoffs

Mayor Rob Ford And BK President Eric Adams Make Lamest Bet On NBA Playoffs
Image: NY Post

In case you missed it: Our Brooklyn Nets are currently in the NBA playoffs despite the fact that the team’s average age is 32.4 years of age. Apparently, our defense is “next level.”

Whatever the case, this team has defied all odds and are facing off against the Toronto Raptors with the score currently standing at 1-1. But none of this is as remotely interesting as the fact that (1) Drake was caught lintrolling himself at one of the games and (2) Mayor Rob “I Was Caught Smoking Crack” Ford and Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams have made the lamest bet on the outcome of the seven-game series.

A bit of background: A couple of days ago, Raptors’ general manager Masai Ujiri attended a pre-tournament rally and before walking off the stage, he managed to squeeze in a super-classy “Fuck Brooklyn.” (Only we’re allowed to say that!) Watch the damning Instagram video here.

Accordingly, there was a whirlwind of controversy and now the fearless leaders of the respective cities are engaged in a little tiff. BP Eric Adams made the first move, sending a letter to Mayor Ford on Monday:

As two civic leaders with great pride in our home teams, and in the spirit of promoting good relations between our cities and their basketball fans, I wanted to personally relay to you my proposal for a friendly wager over the outcome of the playoff series between your Toronto Raptors and our Brooklyn Nets.

He went on to throw SO MUCH SHADE, calling Brooklyn a “classier place” and referring to Rob Ford as a “colorful mayor.”

Adams originally promised to send a six-pack of Brooklyn beer if the Nets lost, but Ford declined, citing his previous substance abuse problems and fears that the media elite would put a negative spin on the story. So, instead, the losing city has to send a CD of one of their favorite artists. Brooklyn will most likely send something from Jay Z and Toronto is already touting Drake.

The next Nets/Raptors matchup will take place this Friday at the Barclays Center a.k.a. OUR HOUSE. So, best of luck, Nets!

Destroy them. 

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