Bushwick Bodega Shooting May Have Been the Result of a Family Feud

Bushwick bodega shooting might have been the result of a family feud
Image via YouTube/New York Post

After last week’s disturbing incident in which a man gunned down a Bushwick bodega owner and sped away in a waiting SUV, the Post is reporting that the shooting may have been a revenge killing:

“The shooter was apparently victim Swadh Maged’s nephew, who was seeking revenge on the deli man for fatally gunning down his father — Maged’s brother — with an AK-47 in 2010, law-enforcement sources said Wednesday.
That shooting four years ago in Yemen was itself an act of retribution, because Maged believed his brother had killed Maged’s daughter years earlier, sources said.”

Prior to the killing, law enforcement officials claim “It had seemed like what had happened in Yemen, stayed in ­Yemen,” but directly after the incident, the shooter reportedly boarded a flight and fled to Dubai. Elsewhere, police are now looking for a suspect who lobbed a Molotov cocktail through the window of a Borough Park bodega in the early hours of Wednesday morning. If we could put a moratorium on any further terrifying bodega violence, that’d be good.

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