You Can Now Buy Produce Grown on the Roof of the Gowanus Whole Foods

Whole Foods is now in the rooftop gardening business
Image via Whole Foods/Instagram

The Gowanus Whole Foods has officially reached Peak Gowanus Whole Foods, with its rooftop garden now turning out (indisputably delicious-looking) produce at the hands of Gotham Greens, and producing 10 acres worth of food in its half-acre space, according to NY1.

Gotham Greens’ Viraj Puri also told the station, “This is the country’s only commercial-grade greenhouse facility that’s actually integrated into a retail store. So you’re standing in a state-of-the-art climate-controlled greenhouse that’s able to monitor the climate year-round to create very consistent reliable growing conditions for the crops, and as a result of that, we’re able to grow high-quality produce in high yields year-round.”

They’ll also now be selling around 200 tons of food annually to local businesses and restaurants, and at a reasonable (for Whole Foods) prices due to the obviously low cost of transporting things from the building’s roof instead of, say, California. So, make all the silly Whole Foods jokes you want (or don’t), this is actually a pretty impressive operation they have going. Maybe now that things are up and running, they can start growing some limes?

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