Small Amounts Of Pot Officially Decriminalized In Brooklyn

Small Amounts Of Pot Officially Decriminalized In Brooklyn

Just three days after weed’s high holy day, stoner Brooklynites have another reason to celebrate.

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson will officially decline to criminally prosecute people caught in possession of small amounts of pot–as long as they have no previous criminal record or warrants for their arrest.

The news comes via the Post, which happened upon a memo saying as much. The reason for decriminalization? Apparently, it’s “a waste of resources and unfairly stigmatize[s] too many “young people of color” with criminal records.”


Here’s how things will work from now on: If you get arrested for Class B misdemeanor possession of pot (i.e. having less than 25 grams of the stuff) and have no previous criminal record, you won’t be criminally prosecuted. You’ll pay a $100 fine and hopefully, try not to get caught again.

As we write this, D.A. Thompson and NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton are discussing the new policy–presumably over a peace pipe.

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  1. So they’re saying its not worth arresting people over, as long as you don’t have a previous criminal record. What if your record is for marijuana possession?

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