Last Weekend, Yet Another Shooting In Bushwick

There was another shooting in Bushwick this weekend
Image via Google Street View

Right after news of several disturbing recent shootings in Bushwick, another to add to the list: the Daily News reports that a 14-year-old allegedly shot a 15-year-old outside of a Foot Locker this weekend in a dispute over line cutting. Both were waiting early in the morning for the release of the new Kanye West-designed Pro “Yeezy” Nikes.

After an argument, the shooter left with threats to return with a gun and did just that, shooting 15-year-old Isaiah Martinez in the foot around 6am, according to police. An unnamed suspect is now facing assault and weapon charges, and Martinez is in stable condition.

Teen-on-teen violence would be depressing enough as a standalone story—for that matter, so would any incidence of gratuitous gun violence—but this is particularly perturbing coming as it does after several recent shootings in Bushwick, and the recent shooting on a Bed-Stuy bus, in which 14-year-old Khaton Anderson shot and killed a father of two while firing at another teenager. It’s not as if we can make these stories just disappear by shaking our heads at them and saying what a shame it all is, but jesus. If we never have to write another story about a kid shooting at another kid, it’ll be too soon.

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