Dead Body Discovered Floating In the Gowanus Canal This Afternoon

Gowanus Canal

Via Gothamist, the body of an unidentified black male was found floating in the Gowanus Canal under the Union Street bridge today at around 3pm. Gothamist reports that the deceased had no identification on him, and that “the investigation is ongoing.”

But what would a tragic situation like this be without the helpful input of commenters? Less than 30 minutes after the story was posted on Gothamist, commenters were already weighing in with comments about how the deceased man was probably taking a swim and was “killed by the water” and that “a live body in the Gowanus would soon become a dead body” and even a question as to whether this was the body of missing Bushwick designer Jay Ott. Which, you know, I like a good Gowanus Canal joke as much as the next person, but maybe just the slightest bit of respect could be shown for the deceased? Sure, many of the comments weren’t snarky, but do any of them have to be? Just be human, everybody. Not everything is an opportunity to kill it in the comments section of a regional website.

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