Watch: A Short Documentary On The “Stop Telling Women To Smile” Project

Watch: A Short Documentary On The "Stop Telling Women To Smile" Project
Image: The Daily Beast

Last year, we introduced you to local artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, who’s recently made a name for herself with a series on street harassment called “Stop Telling Women To Smile.”  Since then, the street art campaign has made a significant impact on not only the art world, but also on women who can relate, including the women here at Brooklyn Magazine

The series is continuing to gain momentum and recently, documentarian Dean Petersen created a wonderful short film about Fazlalizadeh and the women helping her with this project.

Watch the six-minute video below:

At the moment, Fazlalizadeh is touring and working in the street harassment “mecca”  that is Atlanta, Georgia. You can read about her work down South and the future of the project in a recent Times piece.

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