Girls Is Filming in Ditmas Park This Week

girls filming ditmas park

In case you were looking for an opportune time to force your spec script on Lena Dunham, or just need to satisfy your compulsions until the Girls bus tour gets underway, now is your moment: via Brokelyn, Ditmas Park Corner has spotted signs around the neighborhood indicating that the show will be filming in the neighborhood tomorrow at Friday at a local karate studio.

“No Parking” signs have been posted by the show’s production company “along Avenue H near Coney Island Avenue, as well as Coney Island Avenue between Avenue H and Glenwood Road, and Argyle and Rugby–but not Westminster–near Avenue H,” the site writes, and Midwood Martial Arts has announced closures for filming on Thursday and Friday as well. “We are excited but apologize that this means we have to cancel our classes those two days,” says the studio’s owner. So, now you know when and where to go and gawk, if you’re so inclined, or you could just take note of this information and go about your day like you normally would. Up to you, really.

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