Brooklyn May Have a Serial Church Arsonist On Its Hands

Suspected Brooklyn arsonist

After three Brooklyn churches experienced minor fires on three consecutive days, police are on the lookout for a suspected arsonist, and have released surveillance footage of the suspect entering the Church of St. Mark’s in Crown Heights early yesterday morning shortly before he lit a newspaper on fire in the building.

Early Saturday morning, a newspaper fire was also set in the doorway of The Greater New Beginnings Church in East Flatbush, and around 2:35 am Sunday, an object was thrown through the window of the Inglesia Cristiana Church on Pitkin Ave, causing a small fire.

No one’s been hurt and the damage has been minor thus far, and police are asking that anyone with information get in touch with Crime Stoppers (800-577-TIPS). A reverend from St. Mark’s told CBS, “It’s really flabbergasting. And I wonder who could ever thinking of doing a thing like this especially at [this very holy time in the church’s year.]” Seems like a safe bet that this is pretty deliberately timed to line up with the Easter holidays, but in any case, if you happen to know anything about this, you know who to call.

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