Your New Favorite Thing To Complain About: Allergies

Your New Favorite Thing To Complain About: Allergies
And you thought you were looking forward to spring.

Now that winter is technically behind us (even though there is still a chance that it might snow before the end of the week), we have but one concern: What will New Yorkers get to complain about en masse? Oh, that’s right: allergies. And according to scientists, this year’s gonna be a sniffly, snotty, miserable mess. On the plus side, more weather-related hashtags!

Allergists predict higher-than-average pollen levels this spring due to—you guessed it—all those #PolarVortexes and #icestorms we had this year. Dr. Paul Ehrlich, speaking to the Daily News, describes it with the following delightful image: “‘Because the weather has been so cold, we sort of picture trees sitting with their hands on their hips saying ‘alright, we’ll wait, and then we’ll pour on the pollen.'”

Basically, the winter has been so long and so terrible that trees have collected tons of moisture, which in turn brings mold. Plus, the continuing cold hasn’t allowed the trees to release their pollen buildups, so when they finally do, it will feel as though your face is being attacked by Old Man Winter’s ghost.

For further analysis, please refer to this 30 Rock clip:

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