This Is What an $8,900/Month Williamsburg Apartment Looks Like

Image via 64 Bayard
Image via 64 Bayard

We hear a lot of crazy numbers day to day regarding  Brooklyn real estate, but unless you’re actually getting ready to, say, plunk down a few million dollars for a condo you’ve never even been to, it can be hard to conceptualize what’s even behind all the mind-boggling statistics getting tossed around. With that in mind, here’s some hard evidence re: what it is exactly that wealthy strangers have been spending so much money on, in the form of photos from 64 Bayard, a Williamsburg luxury development that’s just put its penthouse on the market for $8,900/month.

As Brownstoner points out,  “64 Bayard’s average apartment is a 750-square-foot one-bedroom that rents for about $3,400 a month,” and the cheaper apartments in the complex are the kind of $2,900/month studios that are supposedly driving rich people back to the Upper East Side. Unfortunately, they use the same mock-up photos for all their apartments (the elephant photos are nice!), so the floor plan below is our most accurate window into what life in the penthouse would be like.

The penthouse does include a private roof terrace that looks out onto both the park and the pool in McCarren,  and Brownstoner also notes that the building boasts “triple-paned windows for noise reduction” so you don’t actually have to hear any of the rabble coming out of those pleasant public spaces. So, knowing what we know, any takers?

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