A Neil deGrasse Tyson Cocktail at Pacific Standard, And More Celebrity-Themed Drinks We’d Like To Get Drunk On

Neil deGrasse Tyson Cocktails at Pacific Standard, And More Celebrity-Themed Cocktails We’d Like To Get Drunk From
Watch out, we got a Neil deGrasse Tyson cocktail over here.

As if your experience watching Cosmos every Sunday night wasn’t mind-blowing enough, now you can watch it at a Neil deGrasse Tyson­–approved bar getting drunk off of a Neil deGrasse Tyson–themed drink. What a world!

Park Slope’s Pacific Standard announced the “Neil deGrasserac Tyson” cocktail on their blog Sunday after NDT himself recommended the bar as a place to watch last Thursday’s rare “star blink” event during a debate at the American Museum of Natural History. Co-owner Jonathan Stan told Gothamist, “Mr. deGrasse Tyson heard about it, and mentioned us and said the people should come to Pacific Standard. We were really excited about it and wanted to honor him by naming a drink after him.”

The Neil deGrasserac Tyson, as its name suggests, is a version of the classic Sazerac: bourbon, Pernod, bitters, lemon peel and star anise. It costs $10, but then again, what is money when the wealth of the universe’s wonder is infinite?

Following Pacific Standard’s announcement, we wondered why more bars don’t make celebrity-themed cocktails. Here, we present a few suggestions:

The Matthew McConaughjito
 Replace ingredients of regular mojito with some batshit insane stuff.
Cost: The low, low price of whatever’s in your pocket, man.
Brooklyn Bar That Should Invent It: Baby’s All Right (All Right All Right)

The CosmopoLena Dunham
Recipe: For a 21st-century Brooklynite’s twist on the Carrie Bradshaw classic, replace top-shelf vodka with bottom-shelf vodka. Shake with the ennui of an underemployed Millennial, then blog about it.
Cost: One month’s rent in a well-decorated Greenpoint apartment (plus security deposit and 15% broker’s fee) and not being able to help but wonder whether you’re losing your creative integrity by accepting a job in advertorial writing.
Brooklyn Bar That Should Invent It: Whatever is the bougiest bar du moment that all your white-girl friends are Instagramming. (The Wythe Hotel?)

White Putin
Recipe: Combine coffee liqueur, cream, vodka, and President Vladimir Putin’s chest sweat.
Cost: Democracy.
Brooklyn Bar That Should Invent It: The Velvet Rope Lounge.

The Liam Neeson Irish Car Bomb
: Make regular Irish Car Bomb, strapped to a real bomb. Tell Liam Neeson you have the bomb and that it’s up to him to disassemble it.
Cost: Your death, at the hands of Liam Neeson.
Brooklyn Bar That Should Invent It: Any bartender with “a particular set of skills, skills that they have acquired over a long career, skills that make them a nightmare for people like you.”

I Am The Captain Morgan Now
A shot of Captain Morgan, requested with a Somali accent.
Cost: Loss of ship captainhood to pirates.
Brooklyn Bar That Should Invent It: Sea Witch.

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