Bushwick’s Athom Cafe Has Closed

Image via Diego Cupolo/BushwickBK
Image via Diego Cupolo/BushwickBK

An unfortunate discovery from the weekend: Athom Cafe—equally noted for its fussy customer service and its truly fantastic croissants—seems to have closed its doors for good.

The cafe, which had been in the area since 2009, wasn’t open over the weekend, phone calls to the place went unanswered, and a recent Yelp review indicates they may have actually stopped serving over a month ago.

It’s not the most surprising closure we’ve heard of; the place was often pretty empty (and not too shy about arbitrarily kicking out customers) and also made a habit of running out of things like eggs and bagels by noon on the weekends. Still, owner Jerome Douay turned out some of the best French pastries we’ve ever had, anywhere, and coming as this does after news of Goodbye Blue Monday’s imminent demise (they were right across the street from each other), makes you wonder what’s becoming of the area around the Kosciusko J stop. At least we still have Lone Wolf, for now.

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