An Explosion in Manhattan? Time to Be a Jerk!

east harlem explosion building collapse church

99% chance it’s some Obama voters cooking meth. Sorry, but can’t feel sorry for them. When I heard there’d been an explosion uptown this morning, I found a CBS article through Google that explained maybe a gas leak in East Harlem—Moooochelle’s farts drifted all the way up there? Those are some potent farts!!!—had taken down two buildings and disrupted MetroNorth service. Almost a dozen were injured, a few might even be dead; it’s breaking news, and the details are unclear. What are the odds that all of ghetto Harlem can blow up? But that didn’t stop the commenteriat from going especially crazy, apparently arriving in droves after a Drudge Report link: mocking the president, the mayor, the city, its black residents, and the dead. When incidents such as this occur in an election year it make you wonder,the communist democraps are getting desperate for a current false flag to sway the severely uninformed! I waste too much time poring over the madness in comments sections, but this was something special.

You’d like to think that when things go wrong in this country, your fellow Americans would rally in support. It seemed to happen in New York City after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, when suddenly even the most conservative Southerners were willing to recognize Yankee atheists’ common humanity. Who Knew Afro Sheen Was Explosive? But, you know, that was before Web 2.0  gave every troll a platform. To the entire Black race living in America, we, the Adamic, pink complexioned race (better known to you as the White race)… apologize for freeing you from slavery by fighting a horrible war among ourselves that cost the lives of almost two million of our own race. We apologize for continuing to fight among ourselves over that very issue, even though you’ve never told us you appreciate our freeing you…  But it also seemed to characterize most recently the reaction to the Boston Marathon bombing, conspiracy theorists aside.

It doesn’t seem likely that the blast in East Harlem was an act of terrorism, probably just a simple accident, but you’d hope, despairingly naive as it might seem, that explosions of whatever origin could inspire more widespread sympathy. In fairness, every few comments on CBS were pleas for just that: respect for the victims and their loved ones. More black babies were aborted since you posted that comment than people who may have died in that building collapse, I’m sure.

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