Bands with Pans: Shark?


All photos by Gustavo Ponce

Bands With Pans is a series in which we shop for meal ingredients with a Brooklyn-based band or artist on a $20 budget. Next we tag along for the cooking, chatting and—duh—eating. This installment, we bug post-punk darlings Shark?.

My brave photographer and I meet Shark? guitarist Jared Hiller slouched in front of a familiar Greenpoint Met Foodmarket. He’s charmingly grumpy about the rest of the band’s tardiness. “[Bassist Andy] Kinsey and [singer] Kevin [Diamond] are probably at Kinsey’s smoking pot,” he says, pronouncing “pot” like “paht.” “[Drummer Andy] Swerdlow is probably throwing together some IKEA furniture or some shit somewhere.”
Kevin and Kinsey shuffle over (giggling) after a little and we grab a red shopping basket. Pizza is the plan and apparently something Swerdlow’s made for the band at least once.


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