Thundersnow Predicted for Tonight!

*Not actually Brooklyn*
*Not actually Brooklyn*

When I went out to walk my dog at around 3:30 this afternoon, the snow had stopped falling and the air was a bracing—but not freezing—temperature. The sidewalks were slushy and huge puddles taunted pedestrians, but there wasn’t any ice and it actually felt pretty nice to be outside. It was hard not to think, “We made it!” The storm had passed and we were one day closer to spring, right? Wrong!

I mean, sure, we are still one day closer to spring. That much is true. But the storm that started in the wee hours of this morning and proceeded to wallop the metro area all morning and early afternoon was just the beginning. That’s right! Tonight we get round two of this storm system, only this time there’ll be 3-6″ of additional snow, PLUS thunder and lightning and 40 MPH winds. It’s a THUNDERSTORM.

This stage of the wintry weather is due to arrive at around 10pm and last through 4am. Please do the right thing and stay home. And go even further in doing the right thing and don’t make delivery men travel far in this weather. And if you want to go even one step further? Check on any elderly or infirm neighbors you have, because, really, we’re all in this snow-pacolypse together.

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